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Will there be the DEC for M42 and Pentax K?
We will be looking into M42 and Pentax K in the future. Sorry, we do not have an estimated date yet.
Can all Canon EF-mount lenses be used on the DEC?
Both EF and EF-S lenses can be used on the DEC.But if you use an E-mount full-frame camera, we do not suggest you use an EF-S lens, because there is vignetting when you use a full-frame camera with an EF-S lens. This depends on the image field of the EF-S lens.
When will EOS M be supported?
We are looking into the Canon EF-M (EOS M) mount right now but we are not ready to disclose the details of our product plan yet.
When will the Fuji X-mount be supported?
Sorry, the DEC only works with MFT mount or E-mount cameras, and Canon EF/EF-S lenses.
Why can\\\\\\\'t the autofocus be realized when I use an AF lens?I need a button to focus automatically.
The achievement of autofocus needs the support of an autofocus optical system, whereas the controlling focus on the DEC is realized by adjusting the\\\"Focus Shifter\\\" and there is no communication between the camera body and DEC. That\\\'s why the autofocus for lenses cannot be realized in theory.
Can I use a manual-focus lens with the DEC?
Sorry, the manual-focus lens is not compatible. Because the manual-focus lens does not have a focus motor, it can\\\'t be driven by DEC.
Does the DEC work with Sony E-Mount full-frame camera bodies?
Yes! The DEC is compatible with all E-mount full-frame camera bodies which have Lanc terminals. The model is DEC for E-mount.
Can I set the lens to MF mode when I use AF lenses?
We do not suggest you set the lens to MF mode, because the focus cannot be controlled by DEC and the adapter will restart while being used with some special lenses, such as Canon EF-S18-135mm f/3.5-5.6 IS STM.
Will the adapter work with an EF-mount camera? Or only a Micro Four Thirds mount?
Sorry, the DEC only has two models, DEC for MFT mount and DEC for E-mount. It can\\\'t work with EF-mount cameras.
Can I use a Nikon lens on the DEC?
Sorry folks, only Canon EF, EF-S, and AF lenses can be used on the DEC.
Can I use a third-party lens?
The test result with third-party lenses is not available to be realeased yet; we suggest you use Canon lenses to get better performance. In addition, the list of tested lenses will be updated on Aputure official website: http://www.aputure.com/dec-compatible-lens-list.

Technical questions about DEC

How long is the battery life supposed to last? Once the battery has been exhausted, will the lens still be able to pass aperture and focal length information?
The adapter will last 5 hours and the grip will last 48 hours, and both adapter and grip are able to work during charging. The adapter will stop working when the battery is exhausted, so the aperture and focal length cannot be passed correctly.
Why does the DEC display f/1.3 when I use the Canon EF 85/1.2L wide-open?
This is because of some lenses transferring a similar number, which is different from the exact optical F number, to the camera. On the other hand, the DEC receives and displays the similar number. For example, when you set the Canon EF 85/1.2L at its maximum aperture (F1.2), the number transferred to the camera is \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"F1.3\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\".
Will the DEC affect the depth of field?
\\\"For full-frame sensor+EF lens and APS-C sensor+EF-S lens, there is no difference in the depth of field. For mismatching(sometime that can be used),for example,MFT sensor+EF/EF-S lens,the rule between focal length and CMOS sensor gets changed,this will affect the depth-of-field,more information refer to\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Depth_of_field\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"
Will the focal length and aperture be affected if I use the adapter?
\\\"The aperture will be the same, but the focal length will depend on the camera body. If you are using EF lenses, for MFT cameras the ratio=Sqrt(36*2+24*2)/Sqrt(18*2+13.5*2)=1.923. And for E-Mount full frame cameras,the ratio will be 1:1.\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"
Is DEC able to be updated?
The firmware stored inside the grip is factory-upgradable,while the firmware stored inside the adapter can be updated by customers. Please update firmware of the adapter according to the directions on our official updating website: http:www.aputure.com/dec/update/
Will the click stops be as obvious as in other products?
Of course not. The achievement of focus pull is three times as smooth as other products. This is realized by fine-tuning and delayed moving.
Will the DEC affect bokeh?
Of course not. We do not add an optical element on the DEC; the scene frame in the out-of-focus regions of the image won\\\'t be affected.
Does DEC reduce focal length or increase aperture?
The DEC is not equipped with a telecompressor,so it can\\\'t reduce focal length or increase the amount of light.
Can I use an external power source when the DEC is working ?
You sure can! Aputure DEC is able to work while charging by connecting to a USB cable which is attached to an AC adapter (output:5V 1A) or mobile power pack.
Could we wirelessly control\\\" to record on all compatible cameras?
Yes, of course. The cameras and the lenses we have tested at present all support this function.
Does Canon Lens Image Stabilization (IS) work?
Yes,we have updated the firmware in July 2015.If the DEC you own does not support the lens IS system,please go to http://www.aputure.com/dec/update to update the firmware.
Why doesn\\\'t my camera body display aperture?
The DEC is totally controlling the lens attached on the adapter, and it doesn\\\'t communicate lens data with the camera body. That\\\'s why the parameters coming from lens can\\\'t be displayed on the camera. And because of this, some cameras need to be set in \\\"Release Without Lens Enabled\\\" mode. For example, using a GH4 with the DEC, you have to set the camera to \\\"Custom->Shoot w/o lens->ON\\\".

Tips and trouble setting

The OLED screen doesn\\\'t show any display after I turn on the adapter or during charging.
If this occurs, please contact Aputure CS (cs@aputure.com) to get tech support.
The aperture displays \\\\\\\"F--\\\\\\\" after attaching lens.
Please first turn off all the power of the devices, then detach the lens and clean the electrical contacts on the lens and adapter before attaching.
My lens stops responding after replacing the lens when the adapter is on.
\\\"Replace the lens after powering off. Please wake up the lens by turning the Focus shifter to the left-most then to the right-most. The lens will wake up automatically.\\\\\\\"
I can\\\'t turn on the grip or adapter, what can I do?
\\\"The batteries inside the grip or adapter have self-protection; please charge the grip and adapter by connecting to a USB cable attached to an AC adapter (5V 1A). The OLED screen will light on during charging. If the battery is unable to be charged,please contact Aputure CS(cs@aputure.com) to get tech support.\\\\\\\"
My EF-S 18-135mm f/3.5 IS STM lens can\\\'t be woken up. What can I do?
\\\"1. Please check if the battery displayed on the OLED screen and grip is fully charged. 2. Please check if the signal intensity is stable (if the signal mark is flickering, the signal intensity is not stable). If batteries are full power and the signal is stable,please reset DEC:turn off adapter,then turn on,the lens will be able to wake up.\\\\\\\"
The grip will indicate low battery or turn off directly when there is strong interference around.
\\\"Please read the instructions of the product manual carefully before use the DEC. Do not leave the product near anything that has a strong magnetic field, such as a magnet or electric motor. Also, avoid using or leaving the product near anything emitting strong radio waves, such as a large antenna. The strong interference may change the DEC system operating voltage, and because of the existence of a self-protection circuit, the DEC will indicate low battery or turn off directly to protect it from damage if the system operating voltage is lower than the limit. We suggest you do not work in a place with strong interference around.If your work place can not avoid the interference,please contact Aputure CS(cs@aputure.com) to get a support of strong anti - interference ability.\\\\\\\"
If I set A/B stops, deviation will exist after focusing repeatedly. How can I solve this issue?
This will occur on some lenses. Please cancel A/B stops and reset them.
My lens and adapter have no response when using the grip. How can I solve this issue?
\\\"1. Please check if there is a signal displayed on the OLED screens. The adapter does not respond while the signal is weak. 2. If the signal is strong, please wake up the lens by pulling the Focus shifter to the left-most, then to the right-most. The lens will wake up automatically.\\\\\\\"
The signal mark keeps flickering. What can I do to get a strong signal?
\\\"Please try the following steps to find out the issue: 1. Please move the grip to get a better signal direction. 2. Please check if there is a strong interference around. 3. Please check if the batteries are full power; the signal will be weak when the OLED screen shows low battery. If all these steps do not help, please turn off the grip and adapter to repair: 1. Adapter keeps OFF; 2. First press of the grip, then simultaneously press of the grip.The grip will display \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\" 3. Pull of the adapter to . The OLEDs both display \\\"Pair_OK\\\". This means pairing is finished.\\\"
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