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V-Grip VG-1

VG-1 Focus Control
VG-1 Focus Control
Capture the Perfect Moment
The V-Grip allows you to operate your camera remotely with ergonomic controls that fit in the palm of your hand. With smooth and precise focus control, it’s a first-rate tool for a distinguished documentarian or wedding videographer.

VG-1 Video Record
Control Everything
The V-Grip controls not only your camera’s focus, but also operates the video start/stop button, digital zoom and the adjustment of settings for your camera. It can be mounted on any kind of rig, jib or tripod and can be used at longer distances with a USB extension cable.
VG-1 Video Record

Easily Update the Firmware
As Canon updates, we will too. The V-Grip can be updated easily with downloadable firmware updates.
VG-1 Firmware Update
VG-1 Firmware Update

VG-1 Multiple Mounting Options
Multiple Mounting Options
The V-Grip comes with a variety of different mounting accessories to attach it to any tripod, rig or crane.
VG-1 Mounting Options

Original Ergonomic Design
The VG-1 is carefully designed and shaped with rubber buttons and finger grooves for comfortable operating.
VG-1 Rubber Buttons
VG-1 Rubber Buttons

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