Specifications Function Magic arm a10
Aputure Magic arm a10

Sleek Design, Compact Engineering

Hyper-stable and reliable locking system

Sleekly designed locking system, universal ball head and locking nut. 

The locking a10 can help you to experience a hyper-stable, but flexible support system.

magic arm a10 design
Aputure magic arm

Ergonomic Design of Knob

The longer the knob is, the less effort it 
takes to fasten two rods. It is easy to lock 
the a10 when rotating the knob.

magic arm design
aputure magic arm

The Combination of Both a Short  and Long rod Grant Greater Flexibility 

To the user together, the a10 can be fastened at any angle, 
in any direction and used with any equipment.  

Aputure magic arm a10

Exquisite Appearance

Aluminum body with fine CNC and post-anodizing 

features durable quality and a clean design.

magic arm appearance
aputure magic arm a10
1/4 "jack and Cold Shoe Attached, 

Available for more Devices

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Magic arm a10
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